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17 July 2010

Preschool letters

The Apron Strings "My Croppy Summer Assignment #10" was a Use-Your-Stash challenge. As Lori said "All those lovely sheets of stickers with the Q's, V's and W's left, numbers, symbols and the one E left because you needed two. . .today use those scraps of alphas on your layout in a non-title, non-journaling way".

Well, this one didn't jump out at me as to how to manage that, but then that's what a challenge is all about isn't it? About the only thing I knew for sure was that it had to be school related. So, I went to bed and thought on it. Then it came to me! (I must admit I get some of my best inspiration either lying in bed, or in the shower!) So, next step was to find the photos, paper and letters. I have always loved these two photos from preschool of my kids (they were so cute back then, not that they aren't now, but teenagers just don't photograph the same as little children!). I found that I had some sticker letters in small, and the same letters in large as well, so that worked perfectly for my idea. The paper from Provo Craft had been in my stash for more than a year, so I just needed to find some cardstock, which has also been in my stash for a very long time! Except for the brads on the magnifying glasses' handles, there is no lumpy bumpy stuff on this layout, but I like it. Logan's response, after "That's me!" was "Cool Mum!". He liked the magnifying glass idea, and I love how it turned out too! Hope you like it as well.

Till next time - happy days!



Susan said...

Great job -- the magnifying glass with those letters is ingenious!!!!


Love this, such a great idea!

karenw said...

I'm with Logan on this one - so cool. Love the magnifying glass effect. x

Lori said...

Genious! Love it.