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29 November 2010


(Post updated 1/1/11 to include photos of kaleidoscopes, and video of card opening.)
Ugh, I missed the deadline again, or so I thought! I wanted to enter the Southern Girls Favourite Colour challenge, and when I checked the site when I got home from work, Mr Linky said there were 17 hours to go, so I thought I had plenty of time. When I went to post my entry I found that it had expired 46 minutes earlier, and that was only about 6 hours after I had checked! I couldn't understand how that happened, but it turned out the girls had been doing something on the site and accidentally mucked up the Mr Linky thing. So, thanks to Louise for coming to look at my entry and posting it on the challenge for me! So, what did I make and what's my favourite colour? Here's the story. Two weekends ago, I did a class at my LSS, Wrapped in Paper. It was to make a Flip Flop card they called it. I'm not really a card maker, but this one intrigued me, so I had to participate. Well, it turns out that the card itself is actually really easy to make, the embellishing is what takes the time. Every time I open the card though, even though I know how it's made, I keep thinking, wow, this is amazing. The card has four "sides" to it. You open the first page to get to the second page, then open that one to get to a third page. Opening that page takes you to a fourth page and opening that page takes you back to the beginning. It's kind of like a Rubiks cube - well kind of! I'm not sure if it will show up well here, but here are the photos of each page and the opening up in between each one. (You can click on them to see them larger.) So, any guesses on what my favourite colour is? Well, just in case you couldn't tell, it's yellow :) This is a hybrid project. All the 'pictures' are kaleidoscopes that I made from the same photograph of yellow/orange tulips. I put the frames around them using Photoshop Elements, as well as adding the text. I printed them out and stuck them on the yellow cardstock base. Unfortunately these pictures are not so great, so the sayings are hard to see. They are: "Don't dream your life, live your dreams." and "Everyday is another chance to make your dreams come true.". These are the kaleidoscopes that I used, as well as the original photograph that the kaleidoscopes were made from.
And finally, here is a video I shot of how the card opens, with my 13yo son acting as the hand model. You gotta love his thumbs up at the end!

Till next time, happy days! Francine


Louise said...

Hi.... I am so sorry. I actually mucked up the mr linky thing when I went in to make the new on for the next challenge. I have added your link and you are entered. The close off is 12 noon on the 2nd Tuesday after the challenge is posted. Sorry for the confusion.

karenw said...

Hey Francine, glad that you got included, this is a stunning card. I would sit and play with it all day ( some indication of the priorities in my life....), I love it, The colours are gorgeous as well.
thanks for playing with us at southern girls

Viv said...

Wow! Francine this is gorgeous! What a fab card fold and yummy colours! Glad you made it in time and thanks for playing at Southern Girls! Viv :)

knopkiniukai said...

Hi Francine, thanks for the nice words on my blog. Awesome card, have never seen anything like this :)
hope to see you on the Ingeborgs blog to :)