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22 August 2013

Exciting new opportunity

I'm really excited to be starting as a Close to my Heart independent consultant! I've received my starter kit, and even my first order, so now it's time to play. As I'm very busy with family matters in the next few weeks, I can't hold the open house I have planned just yet, but hope to invite all my Canberra friends to come along and view these great products in September. In the meantime though, I invite you to check out the products on my website here

If any of you are impatient to see the products "in real life" before my open house, just send me an email or give me a ring and I'd be happy to arrange a time to show you. Here's a great video about the company for you to watch too. 

I look forward to catching up with you next month, or maybe even before then!

Till next time, happy days!

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